Conceived in Guyana. Bottled in New York.

Kamuni Creek Beverages was founded by Davie Simmons, a native of Georgetown, Guyana and proprietor of Uptown Veg Juice Bar a Harlem, New York vegetarian mainstay for over 20 years, with a loyal following of customers for its vegan buffet, natural juices and beverages. Kamuni Creek beverages was Inspired by the natural beauty and abundance of wildlife in Kamuni Creek, where Davie spent his early childhood exploring the Essequibo Islands in Guyana, a paradise for nature lovers, with breathtaking natural beauty; pristine Amazonian rainforests and amazing wildlife.
Kamuni Creek is committed to bringing the tropical flavors of the Amazon to consumers unearthing the best that nature has to offer in our drinks.  An unprecedented demand in our restaurant for our drinks sparked the desire for us to grow our brand in restaurants, supermarkets, health food stores and other retailers, bringing us closer to our envisioned future to become a household name.Our slogan "Sippable Divinity For All" speaks to the distinctive deliciousness you find in every sip of our beverages and the healthy drink options we want to bring into households everywhere.
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